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I'm working on a version 2 of this video today that will add the rewards
I'm offering
and what I'm working toward in my long-term plan.
But I really won't get very far without the supporters and fans that
got me here!!!

so I really need for you guys to take your passion for the comic and my art in general
and turn it into supporters so I can focus on speeding up production!

With your support I would be able to make the comic 4 times a month
consistently to start and then speed up to 3 times a week as things progress!

And  the return of my webcomic strip zOMGtv Daily!

<da:thumb id="440812271"/> <da:thumb id="440812156"/>

And lot's lot's more like my Lego builds and the instructions on how to make them yourself!

I'm offering tonnes of cool stuff, original art give aways extra stuff like what I mention above and...

That's right! I'll do pin up art or a mini animation For your project or cause 
and I'll donate my time and creativity if you can help me find my peeps!

Thanks much for taking the time out to read this!

Your likes, tweets, shares, RT, and good vibes will
help too so please do pass the message along!!
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Lazytroll Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
count on me ^^ 
600poundgorilla Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you much! Whatever the effort and however the expression what I need most of all is people who care enough to care! Thank you so much for reading the message and for taking the time to reply :dalove: 
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Submitted on
March 16, 2014